Editorial Team

Varyanne Sika – Founder, Editor in Chief 

Varyanne is a researcher, writer, reader and feminist. She practices black feminist breathing while championing inclusive, rigorous and unapologetic feminism .

Nyaboe Makiya – Co-founder, Contributing Editor

Nyaboe is a feminist writer and editor who cares deeply about the liberation of African women from the imperialist- white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchal system, and spends most of her time talking and writing about it. When she is not doing this, she is likely talking and writing about the music she likes, or drinking tea. Because where there is tea, there is hope.

Jessica MukiriContributing Editor, Communication

Jessica is a stubborn feminist who does not subscribe to societal norms. Before she knew what feminism meant, she was already doing feminism. She believes in social and economic equality and the freedom to live and be whatever we desire, words and social roles should not ties us down. She is woman, she is human.

Daniel Muli – Feature Illustrator

Daniel runs The Wide Margin’s strip ‘Unfemiliar Territory‘ and is a multidisciplinary creative. He is a founding member of Just A Band (a group of electronic musicians from Nairobi) he has made music and D.J.’ed, toured the world, made music videos and art installations. Dan has also worked as an animator/cartoonist for the International Emmy Award-winning comic book series Shujaaz. He was introduced to Feminism by his family and wants to lend his voice to feminist discussion.


Cera Njagi  is a feminist and policy research officer. She enjoys debating and sharing feminist ideas on her blog with an aim to transform complex academic debates on feminism, gender and other social-cultural issues into relatable, accessible and relevant arguments.

Felicity Okoth is an a part time lecturer at Moi University in the departments of Political Science and Communication Studies. She is interested subjects raging from socio-economic integration of immigrant women in the society, social citizenship, to the deconstruction of intersectionality in feminism.

Sara Salem runs the blog ‘Neocolonial Thoughts‘ and is currently doing a PhD in Political Economy. She’s into postcolonialism, Marxism, feminism and other conspiracies. She loves Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Chandra Mohanty, Lila abu Lughod and Joan Scott. Also Foucault, Fanon, Gramsci and Edward Said. And cupcakes. And cake. Carrot cake especially. And ice cream.

Livoi Wendo is a purveyor of feminist musings and debate. She makes good tacos and bad chapatis.